Bold Motivator Overview

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Bold Motivator is a simple yet powerful eCommerce app designed to help motivate your customers to spend more money each time they add items to their cart.

Create spending goals for your customers by advertising free shipping when they reach a certain spend amount. On the premium plan you can use geolocation to promote to certain countries, schedule your offers, or even offer a free gift which is automatically added to the cart when the goal is reached.

Motivator works by displaying a banner message for a short time, each time your customers add something to the cart. When the cart is updated, the message is also updated to let your customers know how much more money they need to spend to reach the goal.


Bold Motivator only requires a liquid code installation if you are planning on offering a free gift to your customers while on the premium plan, or if your theme uses an AJAX cart. When using AJAX, your cart will update without going to the actual cart page. The liquid code will be needed to ensure the banner and free gift update correctly.

Motivator can be installed through the following link below:


Price per month



Create spending goals

Promote free shipping offers

Promote a discount code

Style & display settings

Custom CSS option



Automatically add a free gift to the cart

Change Your Price Plan

To change your price plan, please follow these steps:

  1. From within the Motivator admin, navigate to Account Plans.
  2. Select Basic or Full, depending on what you would like to do.
  3. Select Approve subscription.


Spending Goals

Use the Motivator banner to promote your free shipping offers or display a discount code whenever customers add more items to the cart. You decide the message, the amount necessary to reach the goal, how long the message is displayed, and the follow up message when items are added.

Add a Free Gift

With the premium plan, you can offer a free gift as a reward for your customers hitting the goal. The gift is automatically added to the cart when the goal has been met.


Choose your audience by enabling geolocation on the premium plan. Offer your local residents a deal on shipping without bearing the cost of international free shipping.


On the premium plan, you can schedule your message to appear on certain holidays, events, or whenever you like. Exclude certain days of the week within your timeframe for added control.

Style & Display Settings

Match the colors of your banner to your store with Motivator's display settings. Set the length of time you would like the banner to display for both the initial message and the follow-up message.

Use Custom CSS

There is an area to add even more styling options using CSS. If you prefer your banner to display at the bottom of the page rather than the top, you can add the custom CSS to achieve this. If you like, you can even hide the banner altogether and have the free gift show up as a surprise when your customers reach the goal.

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